Daily Technical Overview Gold

Daily Technical Overview Gold

Daily Technical Overview Gold

Gold Prices head towards Resistance Levels and Prices was Settled on level 1899.10*

*Due to the current trading levels expectation signals for prices recovery into swing movements in Relatively Range for Lower movement correction and prices may touch the major Technical Support level at 1850.00**

**we leave the possibilities for continuing Prices Reversing movements at short and med term with continued into major
Technical Resistant level at 1960.00 *

*we expect prices to return into downturn mode for upper rally correction into wide rang with caution*if prices Resettled above 1906.00 *** may led for another Pull to touch the 1960.00* Level.

**only if prices re -settle below 1884.00 ***will strongly support continuing prices bear with possibilities for prices to touch the major Quarter Technical support level at 1850.00 ***

Daily Recommendation:
Trade level between resistant at: 1930.00* and support at 1871.00*

Resistant levels: 1910.00 ** 1917.00 ** 1930.00
Support levels: 1900.00 ** 1890.00 ** 1871.00