CEO’s Message

CEO’s Message

Dewan Al Dahab Jewellery CO. LLC skipped many stages and is classified now as one of the major companies in the field of Bullion trading in UAE.

By the praise of Allah and in a short period we managed to achieve success, superiority and maintain them.

In 2013 and after the meeting with Mr. Salem Abdullah Al Ammari, we trusted in Allah and incorporated Dewan Al Dahab Jewelry CO.

LLC an office in Dubai, as we started from where the others ended in an attempt to promote the level of company performance

in accordance with the vision of H.H. Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, May Allah preserve him, the Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai and his vision to make Dubai the city of gold in the first place.

We complied with the plan of H.H. in order to achieve no less than the first place.

In 2015, we established a department of jewelry in the company in order to provide our clients with an integrated service whether in the field of pure gold with purity 999.9 and 995 or the Jewellery purity of 18 and 21 Karat.

We also provide our clients with services depending on our partners in the shipping and customs clearance, i.e.,

Brinks Global Co and LOOMIS International Co. and depending on the refineries certified inside the country and Dubai,

such as Al Etihad Refinery for refining precious metals.

We fulfilled our promise to be one of the major companies in the field of bullion and jewelry through our relationship with the pioneer companies in the field of clearance,

shipping and the refiners which have the experience in the field of refining precious metals and have international ISO certifications.

We try hard to promote our service level to fulfill UAE local market needs and world market needs.

Our aim is to convey a message to our clients that they are our partners as we are indebted to them after almighty Allah on reaching to leadership in this field.

Finally and more importantly, I thank the owner, Mr. Salem Abdullah Al Ammari, for his confidence in my management of Dewan Al Dahab Jewellery Co. LLC office in Dubai and I thank the company staff in all departments for their great efforts for the sake of meeting our clients’ needs as they work as one team and raised the level of their objectives to promote the company locally and internationally.

CEO Ahmed Kasem

CEO’s Message